Regional Laws of Murcia
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1987 - 2005
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  • Law 1/1995, of protection of the environmental of the Region of Murcia. BOM 78, de 3-4-1995 & C.e BOM 83, de 08-04-1995.


  • Law 4/1992, of July 30th , about Management and Protection of Natural Resources (derogated by Law 1/2001, 24th April, Land law).
  • Legislative Decree 1/2005 of 10th June, approving the revised text of the Land Law in the Region of Murcia.

Cultural heritage

  • Law 4/1990 of 11th April, of measures to promote the Historical Heritage of the Region of Murcia. BORM 17/05/1990 and BOE 07.17.1990.
  • Decree 180/1987 of 26th November about archaeological activities. BORM 04/01/1988.

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