Regional Laws of Extremadura
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1997 - 2007
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  • Decree 7/2007 of 23th January, approving the Regulation of Planning of Extremadura.
  • Law 15/2001, of 14th December, of Soil and Land Management.

Cultural heritage

  • Law 2/1999 of 29th March, of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Extremadura. DOE 22/05/1999 and BOE of 22/06/1999.
  • Decree 37/1997, 18th March, about archaeological and use of metal detection devices in the activities affecting the Archaeological Heritage of the Community of Extremadura. DOE 03/25/1997.
  • Decree 93/1997, of 1st July, by which the archaeological activity is regulated in the Community of Extremadura. DOE, 07.17.1997.

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