Regional Laws of Catalonia
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1981 - 2015
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  • Law 12/1981, of 24th December 1981, establishing additional regulations to protect natural spaces of special interest affected by mining activities.
  • Order 06/06/1988 that partially develops the decree 343/1983, of 15/07/1983, about environmental protection regulations applied to mining activities.
  • Decree 202/1994, of 14/06/1994, establishing the criteria to establish the financial guarantees of the reclamation programs of mining activities.
  • Order TES/421/2012, of 12/12/2012, establishing technical specifications of the annual revision of the amounts of the financial guarantees of the reclamation programs of mining activities.
  • Law 20/2009, of 4th December, on prevention and environmental control of activities BOE 12, of 14-1-2010.
  • Legislative Decree 3/2003, of 4th November, by which approves the consolidate text of the water legislation in Catalonia.
  • Decree 171/2014, of 23th December, the plan of management of the river basin district of Catalonia.


  • Law 23/1983 of 21st November of Territorial Policy.
  • Legislative Decree 1/2010 of August 3rd, by which the revised text of the Urban Planning Law is approved.
  • Law 8/2005 of June 8th, of Protection, Management and Landscape Planning.
  • Law 1/1995 of 16th March, by which the Territorial Plan General is approved.
  • Law 3/2012, of 22th February modifying the revised text of the Urban Planning Law passed by Legislative Decree 1/2010, of 3rd August.
  • Decree 305/2006, of 18th July passing the regulation of the Urban Law.
  • Decree 64/2014, of 13the May passing the regulation on protection of the urban legality.
  • Law 1/2015, of 5th February on the special regime of the Aran Valley.

Cultural heritage

  • Law 9/1993, of 30th September, of the Catalan Cultural Heritage. DOGC 10.11.1993, C.e in DOGC of 24/11/1993 and BOE 04/11/1993.
  • Decree 231/1991, of 28th September, on archaeological interventions. DOGC 1518, of 15-11-1991.

Public administration

  • Law 29/2002, of 20th December, first law of the civil code of Catalonia. DOGC 3798, of 13-1-2003 and BOE 32, of 6-2-2003.

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