Regional Laws of the Basque Country
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1990 - 2014
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  • Law 3/1998, of 27th February, General of Environmental Protection. BOPV 59, de 27-3-98 partially modified by the Constitutional Court sentence 101/2006, BOE de 4-5-2006.


  • Law 4/1990 of 31th May, for Spatial Planning.
  • Decree 28/1997 of 11th February, approving the Regional Planning Guidelines.
  • Decree 90/2014, June, protection, management and landscape management in regional planning.
  • Law 2/2006 of 30 June, about Land and Urban Development.

Cultural heritage

  • Law 7/1990, of 3rd July 3, of Basque Cultural Heritage.
  • Decree 234/1996, of 8th October which establish the system to determine the areas of archaeological presumption.
  • Decree 341/1999, of 5th October, about the conditions of transfer, delivery and storage of assets of archaeological and paleontological interest discovered in the territory of the Basque Country.

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Regulatory instruments