Regional Laws of the Balearic Islands
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1986 - 2014
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  • Decree 4/1986, of 23 January, of implementation and regulation of EIA studies. BOIB 24-1-1986. Modified by decree 85/2004, of 1st October.


  • Law 6/1999 of April 3 of the Guidelines for Regional Planning and Taxation Measures.
  • Law 14/2000 of 21 December, Land Planning.
  • Law 2/2014, of 25th March, of Planning and Land Use.
  • Law 7/2012 of 13th June about urgent measures for Sustainable Urban Planning.
  • Law 6/1997, of July 8th,of the rural land.
  • Law 1/1991, of 30th January, of Protected Natural Areas and Urban Regime of Special Protection Areas, amended by Law 1/2000, March 9th Law 6/1997, of July 8th,of the rural land.

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