Mineral Raw Materials Act
Mineralrohstoffgesetz - MinroG 38/1999
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1999 (38) amended 2016 (95)
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Mineral Policy
The Austrian Mineral Raw Materials Act regulates the following:
  • exploration and extraction of minerals free for mining, state-owned minerals and landowner's minerals;
  • processing as far it is connected to exploration and extraction and carried out by the holder of the mining license;
  • investigation and exploration of geological structures to be used for storing liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons;
  • geological containerless storage of hydrocarbons;
  • processing of the stored hydrocarbons as far it is connected to the storage and carried out by the holder of the storage permit. 
The Act applies mutatis mutandis to the technological mining aspects of the following:
  • investigation and exploration of geothermal energy and their exploitation involving shafts, tunnels or boreholes of a depth in excess of 300 m;
  • examination of the subsurface suitability for storing materials in underground voids, their construction and utilisation;
  • investigation and exploration of geological structures suitable for the storage of materials;
  • emplacement of materials into geological structures and their storage;
  • utilization of abandoned mine sites for purposes other than the extraction of mineral resources.

Value chain relevance

  • EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)
  • EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)
  • mineral and metallurgical PROCESSING (incl. Permitting)mineral and metallurgical PROCESSING (incl. Permitting)
  • MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)
  • DATA and knowledge baseDATA and knowledge base

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Regulatory instruments