Law on the transfer of some competencies from state administration to municipalities and higher territorial units
Law No. 416/2001 Coll.
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2001 (416)
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Amended by the laws 416/2001 Coll., 567/2001 Coll., 416/2001 Coll., 184/2002 Coll., 416/2001 Coll., 103/2003 Coll., 596/2003 Coll., 245/2008 Coll., 206/2009 Coll., 513/2009 Coll., 362/2011 Coll., 56/2012 Coll., 103/2014 Coll., 126/2015 Coll., 189/2015 Coll. and 440/2015 Coll.

  • This law enacts the transfer of jurisdictions from the ministries, district offices and the county offices to municipalities and higher territorial units represented by the self-governing regions.

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