Law No. 569/2007 Coll. - Geological Law
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2007 (569)
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Mineral Policy

Amended by the laws 515/2008 Coll., 384/2009 Coll., 110/2010 Coll., 136/2010 Coll., 145/2010 Coll., 268/2010 Coll., 258/2011 Coll., 409/2011 Coll., 311/2013 Coll., 160/2014 Coll., 91/2016 Coll. and 125/2016 Coll.

Conditions for the projecting, realisation, evaluation and control of geological works, the scope of the state geological administration.

  • (384/2009) Amendment of Geological Law by the topics of geological survey of the environment and information systems of environmental loads.
  • (110/2010) Law establishes the importance of standpoints of affected municipalities at establishing of exploration areas for radioactive materials; amendments concerning the exploration areas for oil and combustible natural gas
  • (268/2010) Amendment of Geological Law by the statement about the avert, mitigation or elimination the consequences of natural disasters.
  • (258/2011) Law about the permanent deposition of CO2 into the geological environment.
  • (311/2013) Principal amendments of Geological Law about the competence to perform geological works, their projects, final reports, exploration areas, standpoints of municipalities concerned, penalties for administrative offenses. The State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr is unequivocally defined by this amendment as a legal entity authorized by the Ministry to perform the state geological survey.
  • (160/2014) Amendment of Geological Law determining the obligation to perform local referendums in the case of interest to exploit the radioactive minerals.

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  • EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)
  • EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)

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Regulatory instruments