Law No. 364/2004 Coll. - Water Law
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2004 (364)
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Amended by the laws 587/2004 Coll., 230/2005 Coll., 479/2005 Coll., 532/2005 Coll., 359/2007 Coll., 514/2008 Coll., 515/2008 Coll., 384/2009 Coll., 134/2010 Coll., 556/2010 Coll., 258/2011 Coll., 408/2011 Coll., 306/2012 Coll., 321/2012 Coll., 180/2013 Coll., 35/2014 Coll., 409/2014 Coll. and 262/2015 Coll.

  • The law creates conditions for the comprehensive protection of water, including water ecosystems, efficient, economic and sustainable use of water, safety of water works and for reduction of the negative impacts of floods and droughts.
  • (409/2014) Law deals with the transport of water for the humanitarian aid, water polluting compounds, reduction of water pollution, duties of competent person and state institutions in the field of water protection, penalties. The law is supplemented with the list of pollutants.

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