Law No. 326/2005 Coll. on forests
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2005 (326)
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Amended by the laws 275/2007 Coll., 359/2007 Coll., 360/2007 Coll., 540/2008 Coll., 499/2009 Coll., 117/2010 Coll., 96/2012 Coll., 345/2012 Coll., 115/2013 Coll., 180/2013 Coll., 182/2014 Coll. and 125/2016 Coll.

  • The law regulates the demarcation of forest lands and their protection, ownership and use, the sustainable forest management from the public sources, state forest administration and supervision, sanctions for the breach of obligations stipulated by the law.

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