Law on cultural heritage protection
Law No. 49/2002 Coll.
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2002 (49)
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Amended by the laws 479/2005 Coll., 208/2009 Coll., 262/2011 Coll., 180/2013 Coll., 38/2014 Coll., 104/2014 Coll., 376/2015 Coll., 282/2015 Coll., 125/2016 Coll.

  • This law regulates the conditions for the protection of cultural monuments, historic sites, archaeological finds and archaeological sites in accordance with scientific knowledge and on the basis of international agreements in the field of European and world cultural heritage to which the Slovak Republic is involved. The law also regulates the organisation and competence of state administration and local authorities, as well as the rights and obligations of owners and other legal entities and natural persons and penalties for illegal activities in the field of cultural heritage protection, which is an important part of the cultural heritage and its preservation is tied with a public interest.
  • Decree of the Ministry of Culture of SR No. 253/2010 Coll. implementing the law 49/2002 Coll. on the heritage protection, as amended by the decree 231/2014 Coll. This decree defines the activities of the Commission for verification of special professional competence to carry out research on monuments and to carry out restoration works and documentation.

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