Law on courts
Law No. 757/2004 Coll.
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2004 (757)
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Amended by the laws 517/2008 Coll., 59/2009 Coll., 290/2009 Coll., 291/2009 Coll., 318/2009 Coll., 400/2009 Coll., 33/2011 Coll., 192/2011 Coll., 33/2011 Coll., 467/2011 Coll., 110/2012 Coll., 335/2012 Coll., 216/2014 Coll., 195/2014 Coll., 322/2014 Coll., 322/2014Coll., 87/2015 Coll., 160/2015 Coll. and 125/2016 Coll.

  • The law regulates the basic principles of judicial activities, the system and competence of courts, their internal organisation, administration of courts, judicial self-administration and the involvement of courts when forming the budget of the courts, as well as the seat of individual courts and their regional competence.

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