Decree of the Ministry of Environment of SR No. 33/2015 Coll. implementing some provisions of the Law No. 44/1988 Coll. on the protection and use of mineral resources
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2015 (33)
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Mineral Policy

Decree is stating the procedure during the geological surveys of reserved deposits, classifies the reserves of reserved deposits or their parts, provides the methodology for calculation of reserves of reserved deposits or their parts as well as for summary evidence of the exclusive deposits, balance of mineral reserves, registration of old workings, geological documentation at mining works.

Value chain relevance

  • EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)
  • EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)
  • MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)

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Regulatory instruments