Decree on Mineral Rights
Décret n°2006-648 & n°2006-649 du 2 juin 2006 relatif aux titres miniers
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2006 (648) (649)
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Mineral Policy


  • In France, since the Napoleon Code, mines aremanaged by the State. Compliant with EEC regulation, the State may delegate companies the right to explore and produce.
  • The Mining Code contains an exhaustive list of mineral substances (gold, hydrocarbons, salt, copper, iron...) which deposits are considered to be mines.
  • The mineral resources not mentioned in the Mining Code are quarries (Environmental Code).



  • Exploration works are normally undertaken under an exploration permit, that gives its holder an exclusive right to explore any area, offshore and onshore, which is not covered yet by such a permit may be subject to application at any time.
  • The first validity term (5 years) may be renewed twice, for a maximum period of five years each the renewal of a permit is automatic as long as the holder has met all his obligations and agreed, in his application for renewal, to financial commitments at least equal to the financial commitments made during the previous period.
  • The surface of a permit may be extended to additional areas. The procedure is the same as for initial granting of the permit.

Value chain relevance

  • EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)
  • EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)
  • MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)

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Regulatory instruments