Austrian Raw Material Alliance
Ă–sterreichische Rohstoffallianz
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Mineral Policy

The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy founded the Austrian Raw Material Alliance in 2012, which acts as a discussion platform of stakeholders interested in improvements of raw material supply.

The overarching objective of this platform is the reduction of import dependency and increasing the supply security of raw materials important for the Austrian economy.

The Austrian Raw Material Alliance acts as a mirror committee of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

Value chain relevance

  • EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)EXPLORATION (incl. permitting)
  • EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)EXTRACTION (incl. Permitting)
  • mineral and metallurgical PROCESSING (incl. Permitting)mineral and metallurgical PROCESSING (incl. Permitting)
  • MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)MINE CLOSURE / WASTE management (incl. Permitting)
  • DATA and knowledge baseDATA and knowledge base

Policy instrument type

Voluntary instruments

Design of policy

Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Austrian Minerals Strategy

Implementation of the policy

Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

Overreaching policy

Austrian Minerals Strategy

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