Policy Laboratory 5

The 5th and final MIN-GUIDE policy lab entitled ‘Mining and mineral information in the European Union’ took place on 23-24 May 2018 at the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The 5th MIN-GUIDE policy laboratory tackled the topic of minerals information and availability of minerals data in the EU. The interest in the final MIN-GUIDE policy lab was beyond expectations and the event was fully booked within a month of its announcement.

The Policy Laboratory format, designed by the MIN-GUIDE partners, engaged participants from policy, industry, Geological Surveys, and research in an intensive and interactive exchange. The policy lab allowed participants to learn from good practice cases, to explore transferability in different contexts, and to reflect upon future policy needs. The policy lab also contained 4 parallel sessions in which participants were invited to listen to presentations and partake in discussions. The topics of the 4 parallel sessions were (1) mining and minerals knowledge, (2) using data standards in the mining industry, (3) mineral data information and gaps, and; (4) Social License to Operate (SLO).

The policy laboratory also offered participants a 2-day optional programme with excursions to an active copper mine in Seville as well as a Rio Tinto mining park. 


  1. MIN-GUIDE project overview, Andreas Endl, Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  2. EU raw materials policy and action on minerals information, Rodrigo Chanes, DG Grow, European Commission
  3. How critical is the mineral supply in the EU: the legal framework dilemma, Prof. Manuel Regueiro, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  4. Introduction to mining data information in Europe. MINGUIDE: results of the compilation of EU level mineral projects and mineral statistics availability + questionnaire announcement, Luis Jordá, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  5. Eurogeosurveys. Projects involved – proposal on knowledge base projects’ sustainability, Slavko Solar, secretary general Eurogeosurveys.
  6. ORAMA project highlights, Zoltan Horvath, MBFSC
  7. Geo-FPI, Josefina Sánchez, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  8. MNDP, Diana Ponce, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  9. PanAfGeo, Enrique Díaz, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  10. Mining information in Europe: Not only metallic mining, Manuel Regueiro, Spanish Geological Survey, IGME
  11. Dimensional stone in Europe. F Javier Fernández Cortés, EUROROC, CLUSTER PIEDRA
  12. European industrial minerals, Aurela Shtiza, IMA Europe
  13. The Greek industrial minerals & rocks sector, Prof. Michael Stamatakis, Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  14. Analysis of the contribution of the extractive industry of industrial rocks and minerals to the wealth of citizens in Spain, Pedro Mora, COMINROC
  15. Presentation of the MIN-GUIDE Online Policy Guide, Sara Gottenhuber, Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  16. Parallel session 1 – Knowledge: mining and minerals for society
    1. Sustainable management of critical raw materials (SusCritmat), Alessandra Hool, ESM Foundation, EIT raw materials education project
    2. Raw Materials @schools, Floriana La Marca, EIT raw materials.
    3. European minerals day initiative, Amina Langedijk, IMA Europe
  17. Parallel session 2 – Using data and resources standards in the mining industry
    1. Mining and geological information for prospecting – more exploration in Finland because more data available? Dr. Juoni Vuollo, GTK
    2. Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for the Mulas Rare Earths Project in Spain in compliance with the JORC code, Raquel Vergara, Quantom Minería
    3. UN framework – classification of mineral reserves/resources, Harikrishnan Tulsidas, UNFC
  18. Parallel session 3 – Mineral data identification and filling the gaps
    1. EU official mining statistics – what can be improved? Rodrigo Chanes, DG Grow, European Commission
    2. State of the art in the Spanish mining statistics, C. Marchan, Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda
    3. GeoERA Raw Materials MINTELL4EU improving and sustaining the RMKB, Pedro Delgado, IGME
    4. Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) and the existing gaps in the EU mineral data and knowledge, Constantin Ciupagea, JRC
  19. Parallel session 4 – Acceptance of mining: social license to operate
    1. HORIZON 2020 Raw material projects and social license to operate, Dimitrios Biliouris, EASME
    2. Community relations – mining data and the Sami people, Riikka Aaltonen, TEM
    3. The social focus as a cornerstone for success in the MUGA project, Susana Bieberach, Geoalcali SL
  20. Videos
    1. SusCritMat EIT video
    2. Raw Materials @Schools EIT video



5th MIN-GUIDE Policy Lab, Madrid, 23-24 May 2018