Policy Laboratory 2

The second MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory entitled “Innovations and Supporting Policies for Mineral Exploration and Extraction” aims to provide an overview of and reflect upon innovation examples in exploration and extraction, including deep-sea mining, and how they link to Policy in the EU Member States. The workshop took place on 21-22 March 2017 in Leoben, Austria.


  1. MIN-GUIDE project overview and objectives of the Policy Laboratory, Andreas Endl,  Vienna University of Economics and Business
  2. The EU’s Raw Materials and Minerals Policy Framework, Anne Auffret and Rodrigo Chanes Vicente, European Commission, DG GROW - Unit C2 - Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials
  3. Main challenges and drivers for industry in exploration and extraction in practice: the industry perspective, Thomas Drnek, Euromines
  4. Addressing raw material exploration and extraction challenges: policy responses in Europe, Peter Moser, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
  5. Stock-taking on innovation in exploration and extraction, incl. enabling policies and good practice cases, Michael Tost (Montanuniversitaet Leoben) and Roberto Tomasi (GOPA Com.)
  6. Good practice cases on innovation for minerals exploration and extraction: content of the 3 Policy Laboratories, Michael Tost, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
  7. Implementation of geo-models and data management at Hellas Gold for resource development, Panagiotis Zachariadis, Hellas Gold S.A.
  8. Innovations in Airborne Exploration Geophysics, Benedikt Steiner, xplORE.global
  9. Drones, Ari Saartenoja, Radai Oy
  10. Extraction process control & (Big) Data Management, Markus Hӓupl, STRABAG S.E.
  11. Blue Mining Project: Innovation in deep sea mining, Robert van de Ketterij, Blue Mining project
  12. "New challenges for the Azorean deep-sea ecosystems" Potential mining impacts, Ana Colaço, MIDAS project
  13. Underwater exploration and mining, the UNEXMIN project, Norbert Zajzon, UNEXMIN project
  14. Extraction - Results of the workshop, Darko Vrkljan, University of Zagreb
  15. Deep Sea Mining – Results of the workshop, Luís Pinheiro, University of Aveiro
  16. Needs and gaps in policies for innovations in extraction in Europe, Martin Erich Lang, Consultant Engineer
  17. Deep sea - Needs and gaps in policies for innovation in exploration and extraction in Europe, Paul Lusty, British Geological Survey


2nd Policy Lab Leoben 21-22 March 2017