Policy Laboratory 1

The first MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory workshop, entitled “Good Governance in Minerals Policy in Europe”, had the main objective to provide an overview of and reflect upon good governance examples in Minerals Policy in the EU Member States. It took place on 4-5 October 2016 in Vienna.

On this occasion, MIN-GUIDE presented version 1.0 of the Online Minerals Policy Guide – a user-friendly online knowledge repository based on up-to-date and comparable information on mineral policy and related policy areas at EU level and in the 28 EU Member States. Moreover, participants discussed results of a comparative stock-taking and interviews with policy-makers on their national minerals policy governance frameworks.

The Policy Laboratory process, designed by MIN-GUIDE partners, engages participants from policy, industry, Geological Surveys, and research in an intensive and interactive exchange. This allowed participants to hands-on learn from good practice cases, explore transferability in their own context, discuss gaps and future needs, also considering innovation-fostering examples and potentials, and further develop the centerpiece of the MIN-GUIDE project – the Online Minerals Policy Guide.


  1. Concept of the Policy Laboratory, Andreas Endl
  2. Good governance in Minerals Policy in Europe Overview & examples good practice, Andreas Endl
  3. Keynote Speakers, Andre Martinuzzi
  4. Keynote Speakers, Dimitrios Biliouris, Project Officer EU Commission, EASME
  5. Keynote Speakers, A. Auffret EU Commission, DG Growth
  6. Keynote Speakers, Peter Barbrook-Johnson
  7. Keynote Speakers, Veronika Cerna
  8. Minerals policy and governance at the EU and MS level, Horst Hejnz
  9. Workshop 1, Finland, Riikka Aaltonen
  10. Workshop 1, Portugal, Paula Castanheira Dinis
  11. Workshop 1, Sweden, Katarina Persson Nilsson
  12. Workshop 2, Belgium_Flanders, Renate Schoofs
  13. Workshop 2, Denmark, Birgitte Petersen
  14. Workshop 2, Ireland, Eibhlin Doyle
  15. Workshop 3, Austria, Susanne Strobl
  16. Workshop 3, Finland, Eero Yrjo-Koskinen
  17. Workshop 3, Greece, Diamantoula Lampou


1st Policy Lab Vienna 4-5 Oct 2016