OreMet Optimizer

OreMet Optimizer for mining value chain analysis

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Geometallurgical modelling and simulation tool: The OreMet Optimizer provides an innovative holistic approach to optimizing the value chain from mine to mill.


OreMet Optimizer is a software innovation developed by Outotec that uses the company’s process simulator as the backbone for conducting geometallurgical studies. The product allows optimization of the processing routes for variations of the ore properties, leading to improved resource efficiency and increased operating profit. It can also be a valuable tool in environmental impact assessment. The OreMet Optimizer provides an innovative holistic approach, geometallurgy, to optimizing the value chain from mine to mill. 
Geometallurgy is a young cross-discipline that combines geological information of the ore with mineral processing properties in one spatial deposit model. The deposit model is subsequently used as the input to the numerical process model that describes the mineral processing flowsheet. Such an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach requires resource characterisation by process mineralogy, particle-based modelling and simulation, as well as an economic evaluation. While individual concepts have been known for a while, the integrated geometallurgy approach, as it is known today, became established during the early 2000s. In the beginning, development was dominated by Australian, South African and North American researcher groups. Since 2010, European institutions are also a part of that.
Since then, several concepts and methods have been developed and are partly established as services (consulting companies) or as implemented in the business processes of mining companies and mine project developers. Outotec launched the OreMet Optimizer in 2017.

Impact on the mining value chain

  • mineral and metallurgical PROCESSING (incl. Permitting)
  • DATA and knowledge base

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Technical solution: Given, generic approach that responds to the requirements formulated in different MS Innovation process: Parallel development of geometallurgy in several countries / continents

Impact area(s): 

Economic, Competitiveness
Impact on listed area: 

Cutting edge technology

Optimized production (mining companies)

Optimized process design for mining companies (supplier)

Leading role of European manufacturers worldwide

Environment, Quantity of natural resources
Impact on listed area: 

Increased resource efficiency

Innovation drivers and barriers
Need for improved resource efficiency Consideration of ore variability Intention to guide company decision-making for long term mining project development
Need for improved communication between the different departments in a mining company (breaking silos)
Authorities need to accept modeling tools based on experimental data as a trusted methodology.
Cost for implementation of geometallurgical programmes.
Silo mentality between the different departments of a mining company may hamper implementation.

Good practice areas

Resource security
Increased recovery enhanced energy utilization
Economic sustainability
Optimization of net present value for production chain
Environmental sustainability
Input to EIA environmental impact analysis, EMP Environmental management plan

Organisations involved

Outotec Oy

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