Raw Materials @Schools

Explaining mining and minerals to society

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RM@Schools is an initiative and project by the EIT Raw Materials, and aims to explain mining and minerals to society, the common public, especially children and teachers.


Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at schools is an innovative education program to make science education and careers in RM (Raw Materials) attractive for youth, which features active learning by involving students in experiments with RMrelated hands-on educational kits and in communication activities.

All students are introduced in some RM-related topics by expert RM Ambassadors (from the Consortium).

After the sessions, pupils become young RM Ambassadors to promote the RM@Schools' content among  peers based on active learning:

  • Transform the classes  into a lab using geology and mining toolkits and other innovative learning tools
  • Support the future young RM Ambassadors


Aims to raise society’s and decision-makers’ awareness


Hands-on learning  to make RM sector attractive for the general public.

Sustainability and the efficient use of all natural resources are of central importance in everything we do.
Project Officer
Floriana La Marca

Impact on the mining value chain

  • DATA and knowledge base


The idea of raising society’s and decision-makers’ awareness of the mining industry is necessary in the whole EU. The Not In My Back Yard concept is fueled by the lack of knowledge about what mining is in the 21st Century. The social awareness and knowledge about real mining and where minerals come from should start as early as possible at school. The approach must be friendly, and through specific tools that can be tailored depending on the country's mining background, languages, etc. We have to explain that we need minerals and mines in our daily life.

Impact area(s): 

Human/Social, Education and skills
Innovation drivers and barriers
Social networks and any kind of modern means of communication must be used to connect with society. This project relates to wide society learning.
Not In My Back Yard. People in Europe (generally speaking) do not want mines in their territory. However, it is important to raise awareness and think about sourcing outside of Europe and conflict minerals.

Good practice areas

Social responsibility
Aims to raise society’s and decision-makers’ awareness. • Changing societal perceptions of raw materials from “indifference” to “involvement and responsibility” • Inform, educate and reach out to the public, NGOs and decision-makers • Ensure a constant supply of a well-qualified workforce and expertise

Organisations involved

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