Annual Conference 2017

The MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2017, entitled “An Innovation-Friendly Policy Framework along the Mineral Production Value Chain”, took place in Brussels, Belgium on 13-14 December 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels.
The Annual Conference provided insights into the cornerstones and future trends of an innovation-friendly policy framework for exploration and extraction, processing, waste management, and mine closure.

The Annual Conference hosted participants from all over Europe, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences on the Innovation-Policy Nexus - the relationship of good practice innovation cases and their underlying policy frameworks. In addition to high‐level keynote presentations and interactive sessions, the MIN‐GUIDE online Minerals Policy Guide was presented. Moreover, the Annual Conference provided a platform for networking and community building, allowing participants to make use of an informal meeting space to exchange with peers and stakeholders from related areas and communities.

In the interactive part, the Conference comprised four parallel working group sessions, introducing participants to good practice cases along the mineral production value chain

  1. Exploration and extraction (incl. Deep-Sea Mining), 
  2. Mineral and Metallurgical processing, 
  3. Waste management and mine closure. 

The “Innovation Island” format of these parallel sessions allowed participants to learn and exchange hands on about the innovation cases’ success criteria, supportive policy framework factors, and cross-value chain interactions. 
The Conference provided participants with:

  • In-depth understanding of the Innovation-Policy Nexus: Keynote presentations and interactive sessions offering participants an in-depth understanding of value chain innovations and what role policy can play in innovation. The event included presentations and innovation island formats on industry good practice innovations, their supporting policy frameworks and cross-value chain interactions. 
  • A platform for networking and community building: Participants had opportunities to interact, network, and exchange with one another via different formats, such as innovation islands or a networking dinner. This set the basis for integrating the mineral production debates on multiple levels, in different policy settings, among diverse stakeholder groups, and among existing initiatives.
  • Synthesised and easily accessible MIN-GUIDE results: The conference showcased the Online Minerals Policy Guide, which comprises results of three MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory workshops. This enabled future minerals policy experts and decision-makers to easily access and further develop a comprehensive, customizable, up-to-date online knowledge repository on EU MS minerals policy frameworks and good practice innovation.

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All the presentations of the Annual Conference 2017 can be found below:

DAY 1: 13 DEC 2017

Opening and orientation

Innovation – Policy Nexus in the Mineral Production Chain

Parallel Session: Innovation – Policy Nexus in Best Practice Examples Mineral Exploration and Extraction

Parallel Session: Mineral and Metallurgical Processing

Parallel Session: Waste Management and Mine Closure

Parallel Session: Deep-Sea Mining

DAY 2: 14 DEC 2017

Innovative Future Mineral Production: Fostering Cross-Value Chain Interactions

MIN-GUIDE Online Guide: Mineral Policies and Innovations in Europe


Annual Conference 2017