Annual Conference 2016: Minerals Policy and Governance in Europe

The first MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference took place during the European Raw Materials Week in Brussels on 2 December 2016. It focussed on minerals policy and legislation as well as minerals governance approach in the EU Member States.

The Annual Conference hosted around 75 participants from all over Europe, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, based on the stock-taking of mineral policies in all EU Member States and the EU level undertaken in the project. In addition to high-level keynote presentations and interactive sessions, the MIN-GUIDE online Minerals Policy Guide was presented. Moreover, the Annual Conference provided a platform for networking and community building, allowing participants to make use of an informal meeting space to exchange with peers and stakeholders from related areas and communities.

The Conference comprised three interactive sessions, introducing participants to good practice results along the three pillars of the MIN-GUIDE approach for Good Governance:

  1. Policy coherence (strategic national policy frameworks),
  2. Enabling business environment (streamlined permitting procedures), and
  3. Transparency & legitimacy (stakeholder involvement).

The format of the sessions allowed participants to hands-on learn and exchange about good practice success criteria; explore transferability in their own context; and discuss gaps and future needs. In that sense, the three sessions were integrated with the outcomes of the 1st MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory, entitled “Good Governance in Minerals Policy in Europe” and, thus, enable a wider audience of participants to learn from its results and, moreover, further complement good practice learning and transfer.

Consult the agenda of the Annual Conference.

Read the Conference Report.

All the presentations of the Annual Conference 2016 can be found below:

The conference:

Workshop 1: Strategic national policy frameworks

Workshop 2: Permitting procedures

Workshop 3: Stakeholder involvement


MIN-GUIDE 1st Annual Conference