Annual Conferences

Many projects or initiatives contributing to an enabling framework for minerals production are lacking the large scale outreach. For this reason, MIN-GUIDE organises three Annual Conferences to broadly disseminate and exchange good practices in minerals policy-making and to bring in different stakeholder groups with diverse knowledge and expertise.

Key stakeholders participating to the conference have the chance to discuss and share perceptions on identified mineral policies good practices and transferability, to contextualise minerals production in a broader setting and to contribute with their expertise to the overall mission of the MIN-GUIDE project.

The content of the three Annual Conferences reflects the life of the project. The Opening Conference, “European minerals policy: Stock-taking and revealing the governance framework”, sets the scene for the “Minerals Policy Guide” by revealing insights of minerals policy and governance frameworks in Europe and propose features of its usability for different stakeholders groups. The Mid-term Conference, “Good practice minerals policy transitioning the minerals production value-chain”, engages stakeholders in an integrated and systemic perspective along the whole minerals production value-chain. The Closing Conference, “The future perspective of minerals production in the circular economy”, puts the knowledge co-created throughout the project in a holistic framework by investigating the potential of the minerals sector in achieving a circular economy.