MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2016: Minerals Policy and Governance in Europe

Friday, December 2, 2016
La Tricoterie, rue Théodore Verhaegen 158, Bruxelles

The first MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference takes place during the European Raw Materials Week in Brussels on 2 December 2016. It will focus on minerals policy and legislation as well as minerals governance approach in the EU Member States.

The Conference will comprise three interactive sessions, introducing participants to good practice results along the three pillars of the MIN-GUIDE approach for Good Governance:

  1. Policy coherence (strategic national policy frameworks),
  2. Enabling business environment (streamlined permitting procedures), and
  3. Transparency & legitimacy (stakeholder involvement).

You can consult the agenda of the Annual Conference.

To register, please send an email to annualconference@min-guide.eu until 23 November 2016.