Published date: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On February 2016 the MIN-GUIDE project was launched in Vienna.

The MIN-GUIDE project aims to enhance a secure and sustainable supply of minerals in Europe by fostering an innovation friendly minerals policy framework.
More practically, the project will develop a Minerals Policy Guide that serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to minerals policy and legislation at EU and national level.

Throughout its duration, the project foresees numerous... Continue reading

Published date: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The MIN-GUIDE project is carried out by a consortium of 10 partners from across 9 European member states. To ensure the expertise and know-how necessary for the implementation of the project and the achievement of its main objectives, the consortium includes very knowledgeable and experienced members.
Let’s get to know them better.

1) The Institute for Managing Sustainability at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT) of Economics and Business... Continue reading

Published date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
The EIT is today publishing the Principles for financing, monitoring and evaluating KIC activities. The Principles form a key component of the documents prepared by the EIT to help those interested in forming a KIC and should be read alongside the Selection Criteria and the Framework of Guidance. The EIT Call for KICs Proposals will then be launched on 14 February 2014 followed by an Information Day in Budapest on 14 March 2014.
Published date: Saturday, April 2, 2016

On 9 December 2014, the EIT announced the the pan-European consortium RawMatTERS as the winner of the 2014 Call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) in the area of Raw Materials.

RawMatTERS plans to address serious raw materials supply challenges that the EU is facing. The KIC covers the whole value chain including sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution, and brings together more than 100 partners from 20 EU Member States.